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Recent Projects and Events

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I’ve always wanted a PAiA Oz, and I recently acquired not just one, but two. They both needed some work, but I’ve got the first one up and running.

I replaced all the IC chips except for the hard-to-find 50240, added a much needed handle and a Fender Twin style grill cloth, as well as a plate with an underlit power light (to cover poorly drilled holes from a previous owner), added a jack for the pitch bender (as well as one on the pitch pad itself), and switched the output jack for the trigger to 3.5mm. I have new keybed bushings on the way, so the action will be super smooth. 

Something cool I’ve discovered is that you can use the output and input jacks as a line level insert and use effects and still use the built-in speaker.
I’m loving this super portable polyphonic full-size-keyed enigma! Soon I will revive the other unit, but it is lacking the 50240 IC.


Modular on the Spot

I have been aware of the outdoor modular synth events happening for over a year now known as Modular on the Spot, but my sound design work always has me on the wrong side of town when they are happening. But I finally not only got to attend, but also perform. It was super cool hearing all the different sets and playing in such a surreal environment next to the Los Angeles river.

[photo courtesey of MotS]

My set up was my main Tiptop 252 case with my custom built ribbon controller.



Dolphinforce played an augmented DJ set (the robot couldn’t make it due to threats of rain) at the Gregorio Escalante Gallery in  Chinatown, Los Angeles for Robert Xavier Burden’s Original Myth opening. The PAiA Oz even got some mileage that gig. We had a blast! Thanks to all who came down!

Slithis Returns

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More spaced-out intergalactic doom soundtracks from Slithis.

Clark S. Nova – Fire in the Belfry

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A gothic love tale describing the logistics of a vampire dating a ghost.


Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies

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The site Cities and Memory has launched a project where artists/musicians used field recordings and the Oblique Strategies cards (created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt) to create a musical piece. My contribution, created using a recording from Big Bear Lake, was posted today. Both the field recording and the resulting piece can be heard here:

About the project:

*****UPDATE 4/20/2015*****

My contribution to the Cities and Memory Oblique Stategies project made it onto the record. 12 tracks were chosen from almost 60 submissions. You can get it here:

Clark S. Nova – You

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Clark S. Nova – This Heat

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Pocket Computer

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Pocket Computer is improvisational electronic music performed live on eurorack modular synthesizers.

Pocket Computer is Cube S. Lithely and Clark S. Nova.