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Slithis Returns

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More spaced-out intergalactic doom soundtracks from Slithis.

Slithis – Return to Planet Slithis

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Slithis 12

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Slithis session recorded at the end of 2013. More improvisational auditory explorations beyond the oort cloud.


The Hatchlings
Eye of Azathoth
Radio Voices (part 1)
Radio Voices (part 2)
Binaural Vision

Slithis 11

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At the Earth’s Core
Kryptonite Rock Garden
Crashed Flat
Lair of Luthor

Slithis Session #24 – Spawn of the Slithis

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Here are some results of the 24th Slithis session. I used just my Roland G-707 and GR-700 brain and a reverb unit. Stexe used his home arsenal with Persephone, Moog Source, Paia modular, home brew instruments and some soft synths.


Freeze Capsule
Cross Static
Delta Mission
Not of This Earth
Incident on Station 3


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Slithis is an improvisational duo I am half of. All tracks are recorded live using mostly electronic instruments varying from soft synths to homebrew hardware.

We began collaborating without any preconceptions yet the music usually seems to gravitate towards dark deep space drones bubbling with percolations reminiscent of the Forbidden Planet soundtrack but with a modern sheen. Tons of the material has been cultivated and populated by my co-conspirator Stexe on the always entertaining Futurechimp blog here: SLITHIS (initially, we used the moniker ‘Church of the Latter Day Synths’, hence the “LDS” label on Futurechimp)

Individual tracks are also mirrored here.

Here’s a track called Io Koi Pond.