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Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron

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I helped beta test and provide design feedback for the first Eurorack module from Noise Engineering called the Ataraxic Translatron.


More info here:

It is a linear feedback shift register oscillator that sounds a lot like the early home video game consoles since it uses the same techniques to create waveforms. I also did a demo video which is embedded below. Note that I made a mistake in stating that the pitch knob scales incoming CV. It actually offsets it.

Purchasing info can be found here:

Slithis Session #24 – Spawn of the Slithis

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Here are some results of the 24th Slithis session. I used just my Roland G-707 and GR-700 brain and a reverb unit. Stexe used his home arsenal with Persephone, Moog Source, Paia modular, home brew instruments and some soft synths.


Freeze Capsule
Cross Static
Delta Mission
Not of This Earth
Incident on Station 3