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Posted in music, Name of the Moon with tags on March 5, 2012 by pyraphonic

Name of the Moon is an entirely improvisational project to which I contribute guitar, synthesizers, theremin and other electronic/electro-acoustic sounds. Other members (Be Hussey, Jonathan Wald and Michael Murphy) contribute bass guitar, synthesizers, crystal bowls, electronic drums, acoustic drums, hammer dulcimer, and treated vocals.

Being improvisational in nature, pop structures are not applied. Instead, ideas ebb and flow with moments of spontaneous structure and waves of energy which may develop or crash and burn at any moment. An idea may bloom into what seems like a planned musical moment or we may follow the muse off a blind cliff. It keeps things interesting. Embracing moments of chaos as well as the emergence of structure, Name of the Moon can be beautiful, bombastic, ambient or alien.

Here are 3 tracks:

[photos by Jordan Reznick Renner]