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Happy Holidays From Pyraphonic

Posted in modular synthesizers, music, synthesizers on December 22, 2012 by pyraphonic

Just a quick patch in the holiday spirit. Video recorded with an iPhone, audio recorded directly into ProTools, audio & visuals reunited in iMovie.

Cave Curtains – Ambient Self-playing Modular Synth Patch

Posted in modular synthesizers, music, synthesizers on December 15, 2012 by pyraphonic

This recording is from a self-playing patch on my eurorack modular synthesizer. It is actually a really simple patch but one I recently left playing softly all day and never tired of. This recording is ten minutes from that day.

It occurred to me that the slow envelope that repeats was very relaxing. It reminded me of something I read once about the rate of incoming waves on the ocean beach. The author was speculating that perhaps that sound is relaxing because the rate is usually around 6-8 times a minute, which corresponds to relaxed human brain waves (in the theta and alpha ranges). It turns out the envelope rate in this track is about six times per minute, so maybe there’s something to it. Or maybe that is totally over-thinking it all and it’s only relaxing because it is so slow.

Whatever the case, I’d like to try more recordings in this style as it really appeals to me. I like the idea that it is not a drone, but has a similar effect. I also like that there is a definite periodic ‘beat’ or repetition going on but on a much slower time scale than an overt four-in-the-floor one-hundred-something bpm rhythm.

I’d advise playing it quietly so it blends into the environment like a sonic candle or auditory lava lamp.