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Clark S. Nova – Fire in the Belfry

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A gothic love tale describing the logistics of a vampire dating a ghost.


Clark S. Nova – You

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Clark S. Nova – This Heat

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Pocket Computer

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Pocket ComputerĀ is improvisational electronic music performed live on eurorack modular synthesizers.

Pocket ComputerĀ is Cube S. Lithely and Clark S. Nova.

Clark S. Nova – Tissue Samples and The Hunter

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Tissue Samples

Eurorack modular synthesizer and field recordings.
Field recordings:
Rocks in Death Valley, CA
Siamangs at the Los Angeles Zoo
Children in Sapa, Vietnam
Train in Vietnam (Hanoi to Lao Cai)
Frogs in Rio de Los Angeles State Park


The Hunter

Ucreate and modular synthesizer, caffeinated vocals, bass guitar, snare drum, Manetron MKII, Curtis, electric guitar and tambourine.

Clark S. Nova – Patch Things Up

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A new track featuring modular synthesizer, Waldorf Q, Electric Guitar and voice.





The electric guitar is the infamous Flying V found in the shrubs from this post:

In the Lab

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Tinkering with some digitally transferred 4-track recordings from a different era. Possible temporal self-collaborations in the works.

Clark S. Nova – Light Cycle Joyride

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What better way to start off the new year than with a new track?

The details for the curious:

Light Cycle Joyride is an instrumental track using most of my arsenal of musical devices.

The seed for this track was one of my earliest explorations using my modular synthesizer. The spine of the track was recorded in stereo directly out of my modular into a Zoom H2 and was performed live (though the note sequences were pre-established, the starting, stopping, key-note and quantization scale changing and manipulation of these sequences as well as filter tweaks were done on the fly). There was one 16 step sequence and one 8 step sequence. The note-repetition parts were done by manually hanging on the first pressure point (the Doepfer A-151 changes the pressure point row note every 16 steps resulting in a note change. These parts can be heard in the beginning, middle and at the end of the sequenced part of the track).

This is the modular sequence before all the overdubs were added:

Sound sources in order of appearance are: Kyma software (with Capybara hardware), Eurorack modular Synthesizer*, Slingerland jazz drum kit, Moog Etherwave Theremin, ARP Axxe synthesizer, Roland G-707 guitar synthesizer with GR-700 brain (effects; Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, ZVex Fuzz Factory, MXR Phase 100, Line 6 delay), Norma hollow body electric bass, Glockenspiel, Star Synare 3 drum synthesizer, Roland RS-202 String Synthesizer, Yamaha VSS-30 sampler, Roland JD-990 synthesizer, Akai S-900 sampler, iPhone 4S w/Moog Animoog synthesizer app, Nintendo DS lite w/Glitch DS software, Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano (effects; Multivox MX-201 tape delay).

*Modules used: Tiptop Audio (Z-DSP,) Make Noise (Brains, Pressure Points, Maths), Intellijel (Mutagen), Flame (Tame Machine), Malekko (Anti Oscillator, Borg 1), Doepfer (A-151), Flight of Harmony (Choices).

Recording devices: Zoom H2, Apple MacBook Pro w/ProTools.