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Slithis Session #24 – Spawn of the Slithis

Posted in Slithis, synthesizers with tags , , , , , , , on May 27, 2013 by pyraphonic

Here are some results of the 24th Slithis session. I used just my Roland G-707 and GR-700 brain and a reverb unit. Stexe used his home arsenal with Persephone, Moog Source, Paia modular, home brew instruments and some soft synths.


Freeze Capsule
Cross Static
Delta Mission
Not of This Earth
Incident on Station 3

Party Chambers – Music from the Roland PMA-5

Posted in synthesizers with tags on January 16, 2012 by pyraphonic

The Roland PMA-5 is a hand-held composition unit from 1996 that has a touchscreen interface with a stylus. Before today’s pocket computers (called ‘smart phones’ by their users) this was quite a novel device. I bought one cheaply on the used market in 2006 and decided to make some music using ONLY the PMA-5. I composed one track on an airplane and another in bed while my wife was asleep next to me. Some of the results are posted on MySpace under the moniker “Party Chambers”. Check out the tracks here:

Party Chambers