$5 Eurorack Skiff

I recently picked up a few new eurorack modules and one of them (the Doepfer A-149-1) was too deep for my briefcase.

I needed a case to house it in, so I went to the thrift store today armed with measurements for a potential box. Incredibly, I found a perfect candidate for $5. I removed the lid, drilled a few holes and was done.




I’ve got room for more modules, but may need to contend with the dividers, depending on what goes in next.


I couldn’t stop working on it and added some feet, a handle, and some blank panels.


Update 2*************

I busted out the dremel, cut down the spacers, and added the Make Noise Teleplexer and Mutable Instruments Braids for a fun little system. Also some Noise Engineering prototypes in there.




3 Responses to “$5 Eurorack Skiff”

  1. really pretty neat.. i very much enjoy the art of skiff-building. some vectors and a screws, and it’s done. particularly like the translucent panels next to the teleplexer. have similar maroon and white plexi stuff from Frank @ d:machinery. 🙂

  2. Damn this is cool, I need a similar case for myself, but what are you using for power to these modules? thanks and great site too

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